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75th/600th USASA Company and All ASA Italy Reunion Information

This page is for ALL ASA Italy comments, discussions and information regarding reunions. Let your voice be heard.

April 17, 2014 -- A "Heads Up" alert. We (Bob Giddens, Richard Anderson, Jim Moran, Merle Houdek, Mel Erman, and Tom Harris) are planning an "All ASA Italy - Last Hurah? Reunion" for Indianapolis, IN for this year. The reunion will be in the time frame of September - November 2014. Bob Giddens is working with our primary hotel choice to see what they may be able to give us in the way of rates and facilities. The exact dates will be to some extent dependent upon the Colts home game schedule -- The NFL has yet to release the 2014 game schedule. I (Tom Harris) will be acting as host. This reunion, like all of our reunions in the past, is open to ANY ASA personnel who served in Italy and their SO. This includes you guys at the dets and other places after the 600th ASA Company was disbanded in 1967/8.

UPDATE 10/07/2014. Reunion CANCELED due to two of the few attendees (myself included) having to cancel attendance, by consensus of the remaining attendees, the reunion was canceled for this year.

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TomH from Atlanta
Comments open for ASA Italy reunion discussions.
Posted at 1:20:pm 20/04/14
All ASA Italy Reunion in Indianapolis 2014
TomH from Atlanta
I will be hosting Friday night at my suite in the Embassy Suites Downtown October 24th for our reunion traditional BS and Pizza night and also on Saturday evening cocktails prior to dinner. Hope to see all of you there.....

Also I will be going to Mel's and Linda's on Sunday.

Posted at 11:00:am 04/05/14
DF Operator Emeritus
Rich from Rochester Hills, MI
I will plan on attending the reunion. I also will go to Mel and Linda's on Sunday. All, of course, if the good Lord is willing and the creek don't rise. :) Hope to see many of you there. Rich
Posted at 10:42:am 05/05/14
All ASA Italy Reunion in Indianapolis 2014
Merle Houdek from Rochester, Minnesota
Carol and I will attend then reunion and also go to Mel and Linda's on Sunday. Tom, thank you for organizing this reunion. We are looking forward to attending.
Merle Houdek
Posted at 1:06:pm 06/05/14
Reunion Room Rates Discount
TomH from Atlanta
Heads UP: For the Discounted room rates, you have to reserve by September 23rd. See 2014 reunion pages for links and information.
Posted at 3:17:am 05/09/14
TomH from Atlanta
I'm sorry to inform all that I will not be able to make the Indianapolis reunion this year and have canceled my reservations.

Best to all of you,

Posted at 6:28:am 06/10/14
Rich from Michigan
I don't know if we will ever have another reunion but I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed the ones we did have. It was great to see some of the guys I served with and to meet new people who were with the 600th at other times. I still think the 600th had to be one of the best assignments in the Army.
I want to thank Tom for maintaining this website to keep us in touch. Good luck to all of you and I do hope we have a chance to meet again. Take care.
Posted at 8:06:am 08/10/14
George Scholz from Eagle River, WI
Arrived at Aviano 13SEP58, to check in and sent to the Verona detachment. (055) My Army enlistee buddy plan person, was Allen Walkowski, and he arrived at Aviano some 6 weeks prior to me, and was stationed there. (058)
I spent the next 2 years working the 055 slot, at Verona, Vicenzia and Livorno, plus a couple of months TDY at Frankfort Germany. Through the years, I lost contact with all except enlistee buddy Al. About 3 years ago, I located one of our analyists Winton B. Kurz, in New York. Last year (2014) he moved to somewhere in Penn., and sorry to say, I haven't heard from him since.
Posted at 9:49:pm 26/08/15
Have a great time fo
Aurista from dvygnl23
Have a great time for all that are going to be able to make the reunion!Wishing I was there, but posmire that I will be there in spirit!A live spirit, not a dead one hopefully!I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures.Best regards,Dave Helfrich
Posted at 10:13:am 22/11/15
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