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New Guestbook
Tom from Atlanta
New guestbook for the site started. Still a few bugs to work out.

Posted at 9:40:pm 26/08/13
Cool site!
Jeff Miller from Nashua, NH
I like what I am able to see so far.
My Dad was in ASA; Tan Son Nhut 1968, Berlin 1970-71, Fort Devens before and after both. I lived on & off Devens and in Berlin. Very Interesting times. Good Job, hope you are able to do more! Thanks, Jeff Miller, Nashua, NH
Posted at 9:11:pm 28/09/13
Randall Schriver from Glendale, AZ
Am I doing something wrong in my perusing this site? All I see is: Unit-Detachment Name or Location Appropriate each time I key on any subject. Thanks, Randall Schriver.

////////Entire site is under reconstruction as my time allows. Had major site failure last year and I am slowly rebuilding. No time frame to finish -- time avail. Thanks for the visit.
Posted at 11:33:am 02/10/13
Dan Elmore
martin elmore from eatonton, ga
Looks Like this will be a good site.
Posted at 3:10:pm 02/10/13
Jim Moran
Jim Moran from Bala Cynwyd, PA
Rich Anderson advises that Tom Syma who served at Det A, Ravenna, passed away recently of esophageal cancer, according to a message from his son, which had been posted on Verne's website. The son, also named Tom, would like to hear from anyone who knew his dad. The older Tom served in Ravenna from around 1964 through '66ish. Tom Jr.'s address is tomsyma@northernweb.
Posted at 10:32:pm 21/10/13
"ASA all the Way"
Les from Gainesville, FL
Good to have an ASA website.
I was stationed at Ft Devens from 1963 to 1966. Worked in Training Aids at the school.
Was transferred to Ft Benning for special classified project.
Enjoyed my time in ASA. Most of the instructors at Devens were college graduates.

Posted at 2:40:pm 22/11/13
056.2, both Korea and Germany
Tom Adams from Rochester, MN
Attended Ft. Devens from 9/56 to 3/57. Assigned to Det 4, Hq co, 301st ASA BN out of Camp Red Cloud, Korea. Actual detachment was about 200 yards west of the Ganap-Ri Elementary School. I was stationed there until 7/58.

Reenlisted and went to Giebelstadt, Germany for about 1 1/2 years. Finished up in Ottobeurn (sp).

I visited Germany again in 2004 but Herzo is now Addidis HQ and wasn't allowed on Giebelstadt because of 9/11. I had much better luck in April of this year. Return to Korea, was able to get onto Camp Red Cloud. I was also able to visit the detachment location and climb the mountain again. It's famous now, dedicated to the 2002 Korea Soccer team.

I've only been able to get in touch with one other person assigned to the detachment, Bob Birch. Any others out there?
Posted at 3:08:pm 11/01/14
L. Jack Bayne from Charlotte, NC
Sites Assigned to:
ASA Group Korea 1970
ASAPAC Helemano, HI 1971-72
USASA FS Okinawa 1972-74
375th ASA DSC Ft Hood, TX
372nd ASA DCS Helemano, HI 1976-79
USAISD Ft Devens, MA 1980-1982
USA FS Sinop Det4 1982-83
USAISD Ft Devens, MA 1985-88
USA FS Sinop Det4 1988-87
USAISD Ft Devens, MA 1987-89
to OLD CROWS & One and All ASA LIVES
Posted at 4:48:pm 19/03/14
Almost Retired
Richard C. Dean, a.k.a from Springfield, Virginia
Was trained as 05D 1969-70 @ Ft. Devens.
1st Assignment - USASAFS Rothwesten and from there to Det A Schleswig then back to the "Rock" to close down operations, June 1972. Subsequently stationed at USASAFS Augsburg 72-74 to work DF, RFP and telemetry.
2nd Assignment - USASA AHS TAREX HQs until demise of ASA 1 Jan 77. Remained in TAREX thru to Oct 84. Then went RA to Ft. Hood as 1SG, USASAFS Korea as 1SG and swan song to AHS once again, to close it down and move INSCOM to Ft. Belvoir - retired Feb 1990.
Posted at 6:53:am 31/03/14
33C20. Sweet Home, OR
David Larsen from Korea, 177th 66-67, Wobeck 68-69
Just started looking at site.
Posted at 3:00:pm 21/04/14
Richard Ordonez from GA
First time visitor to site. Served Ft Ord, Ca. Ft. Devens MA. Vint Hill Farms Station,VA, 8th RRFS Phu Bai (helped closed down field station operations) and 7th RRFS Udorn. O5H20 1971 thru 1975. Still speak morse code:) _. . ..._ . ._. .._. _ _ _ ._.
_ _ . . _
Posted at 9:41:pm 10/06/14
Spec 5
Larry Phillips from Kansas City, Missouri
Thanks for putting this info out there. I served in the ASA from 1969 to 1972. '70 to '71 in Udorn Thailand, 7th RRFS, and from '71 to '72 in Pocking Det. Germany.
I was an RFP analyst (05D30) in Thailand but was sent to Pocking as a DF operator.
Posted at 4:17:pm 28/08/14
Jon (PJ) Petoskey from Mooresville, NC
Ft. Deven - 1964-65
51st SOC - Torii Sta. Okinawa 65-67
7th RRU Udorn Thani 67-68
Vent Hill Farms until discharge 9/68

Just made contact with some old friends in the past few months. Enlisted at 17 and spent some very formative years overseas in the ASA. It marked me for life (some of it even good). :-)
Posted at 5:23:pm 30/11/14
05D Rothwesten
Tim Olson from Deary,ID
Was stationed at Rothwesten 65-68, spent some time at Handorff while there. Spent most of my off time in Kassel.
Posted at 6:16:pm 17/01/15
05D20 / 30 Spec 5
James (Jim) Terry from Las Vegas, Nv.
Basic: Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Winter of '64
Ft. Devens 1965
Taiwan - Su Linku & Kaoshung - 10/65 to 01/67
Vietnam - Davis Station - Bien Hoa 175RRU -
- Nui Dat DFsite w/Aussie's - 01/67 to 07/68
90day early out because of extension in RVN

I was a young and timid guy when 1st got to Ft. Devens. By the time I shipped out I was a crazy, wild drinking fool, chasing every skirt I could find. Had plenty of that in Taiwan too. Nothing but great times there! Met some crazy Hawaiians at Su Linku who taught me the fine art of being a ASA Party Animal! - Vietnam was a different story of course. Found a great bunch there too, who were dedicated to the mission, and worked hard to help our troops in the field as much as possible. I know for a fact that we helped save many Army and Marines from being caught in ambush situations out in the bush. Our work over there also helped in plotting B52 strikes at occasions.
--- High regards to all who served! --- ASA never forgotten! ---
Posted at 12:47:am 23/01/15
Charles Stewart from Memmingenburg Germany
Posting. For my father. Served from 55-59 in ASA in Memmingen. He is looking for any DFers who served around area at that time. Thanks
Posted at 6:32:pm 09/03/15
Charles Stewart from Memmingenburg Germany
Posting. For my father. Served from 55-59 in ASA in Memmingen. He is looking for any DFers who served around area at that time. Thanks
Posted at 6:34:pm 09/03/15
Stationed at 330th 1967 DF
Donald Wagner from Temple City California
Arrived at the 330th, January 1967. DEROS Dec 19 1967. I was an 05D20. We lived in tents with eventually wood floors and sandbags. I was tdy with the 371st RRC in An Khe on a "secret mission". Got back to Pleiku in August or September. I was put to work building the wood barracks which were located further up Engineer Hill. Looking for Mike Webb who worked the DF site in Cam Rahn Bay.
Posted at 3:31:pm 22/03/15
05D20 at Det 2 330th RRC
Dave Dickerson from Sierra Vista, AZ
Basic at Ft Ord, CA 1968

Ft Devens, MA 1968-1969 Morse code then 05D school, F troop.

Det 2 330th RRC 1969-1970

Hakata Naval Air Station, Japan 1970-1971

1972 to present - civilian.

Would love to hear from any Det2 vets and any Donut Dollies that visited Det 2 while I was there (I still have photos from those memorable visits!)
Posted at 1:37:pm 16/04/15
Leftbank in Pleiku, RVN 374th RRC May 69 to Apr 70
Jim Tucker from Atlanta, Ga.
68-69 Basic Morse and 05D20 at Ft. Devens, 1st Assignment 374th, then Hakata Station 70-71, Ft. Huachuca 71, early out Jan 72
Posted at 10:25:pm 25/06/15
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