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Updates and Comments Regarding the site

A Bit of History
I started working on the site in 1999 and it was first published on the web under the domain in 2000. In the beginning it focused on the detachments in Italy (my first ASA assignment -- so no surprise there) and slowly expanded to attempt to cover something about all ASA direction finding detachments worldwide.

Domain Change
In 2004 I changed the domain to its present identity of and dropped the a few years latter.

Disaster Struck
As the "home" page of the site still states by early 2012 the site had grown to 150 plus pages and over 1000 images when disaster struck in several ways. Everything on the web hosting space was lost due to pilot error on the site and compounding the situation at nearly the same time (a couple of days later) one of my computers had a major hard drive failure - of course all my site backups (but not the raw content contributed by many different people)were on that hard drive. Adding to the problem, since shortly later in 2012 I've had personal health issues that for some time fairly well hindered my working to recover the site.

July 2014 Status
As mentioned I have all of the original "raw" material and snapshots of various pages from the past, so I am in the process of restoring (rebuilding) the site piece by piece. Again, no surprise, the Italy section is mostly done as is much of the Germany section. A very small start has been made of the Far East - Pacific area sites. I still have health issues, but not to the extent that keeps me from working on the site as they did last year and the year before. That's it for history. Future updates will be entered as pages and/or major content is added to the site.