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About the Site

This site is not associated with, nor does it speak for, the US Government or any of it's departments or agencies. Nothing presented on this web-site is in any way "official" or, except by chance, expresses similar views of the United States Government.

Coverage There are many (not so many now) Army Security Agency veteran sites on the net but really none dedicated to the DF detachments. This site is that exception. When I say DF detachments, I am speaking of the TRD-4s and 15/23 installations. Not the FLR-9s, or airborne operations. Some information regarding parent organizations will be included as that information enhances and explains the material about the various detachments.

Contributors needed
I only actively served at two sites and visited a few other detachments. So there is no way the subject area can be covered by me. If you served at one of the detachments and would like to contribute info leading to a page or two or more on this site please contact me via the CONTACT link at the bottom of every page.

I am not out to EXPOSE secret information and operations of the United States. This site is about the people, the times, and the life at the detachments and units of ASA (and INSCOM)

Tom Harris

Full Disclaimer
Yes, I do receive a small commission on any purchases site visitors may make through following advertising links on this site such as Amazon and CafePress. These commissions help to defray the costs of hosting company for the webspace the site uses. Thanks to all who have purchased through the site links.