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The 330th RRC was a Type A Opns (Field Army) ASA company which was quite large, hovering around 400 in personnel strength during much of it's assignment in Vietnam.

CMA for the Central Highlands.

SIT Platoon was a sub NCS and had deployed two DF Sites (AN/TRD-23s) and provided the personnel for at least one Flyaway Team (PRD-1). Conducted DF and RFP operations

Capabilities included Morse, Wideband, SIT, T/A, and reporting among others.

A Field Station (just as the 175th RRC in Bien Hoa was) in everything but the name. (During the beginning of the US drawdowns the company mission was transferred to a newly designated unit "Field Station Pleiku" shortly after the company relocated to Nha Trang and the company deactivated -- remmants of same people, same equipment -- never moved back to Pleiku.)

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330th Radio Research Company Pleiku Vietnam

Actually the 330th Army Security Agency Company deployed to Vietnam in September 1966 as the 12th RRU and redesignated the 330th Radio Research Company shortly after for the rest of time the company was in Vietnam until deactivated September 1971. It was subordinate to the 313th RR Battalion in Nha Trang Vietnam.

330th RRC Operations330th RRC Operations - behind the bern - Engineer Hill, Pleiku, Vietnam circa 1968. Photo Quin Allred as is the bottom photo.

330th RRC Operations inside the bern330th RRC Ops from inside the bern. John Perkins photo.

330th RRC A closer view of operationsAnother closer view of the operations area.

Comment Title: Boat People
Author Name: Boyce Dan Short Date posted: 28 Dec 2011 05:08 -0800
Arrived Aug 66 and flew up to Pleiku to Engineer Hill. Slept in pup tents with M14 by our side until larger tents were found.
Would like to hear from Wayne Shaffer, Arthur Rita, Michael Frohart or anyone who went to det in Qui Nhon with SSGT Jim Campbell
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Comment Title: Advanced party member.
Author Name: Larry Wallen Date posted: 06 Jul 2011 04:05 -0700
I was assigned to Fort WoltersTexas after Ft. Devens. We were gearing up to go to Vietnam. The advanced party left from Washington on the USS POPE. We arrived in Vietnam in July 66.

We were the 330th RRU when we arrived. Later it became the 330th RRC. We were assigned an area at the bottom of a hill. No fences...No protection. I spent a yr there, in Sgt Wilders group. We did just about everything there was to do.

Finally, about 4 months left, I got to work my MOS, O5H20.

I left Vietnam in July 67. Most of the time I was there we lived in Tents with wood floors. This was after we borrowed? them from other units. Our supplies got on the wrong ship and went to Italy. Later they got it right and we got our stuff. It was quite and experience. Most everything we had we borrowed? from other units there...
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Comment Title: Still In Tents In 67
Author Name: TomH Date posted: 20 Feb 2011 19:13 -0800
When I arrived in May 1967 the company was still living in tents. The SIT platoon received a good many extra 05Ds and they formed the core construction crew that put the barracks up under the directions and supervision of a couple or so Engineers from the Engineer Battalion on the hill.
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