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Orderly Room

The Orderly Room? Well, Yes! It is where you normally and initially signed in to a new unit, when you where in the Army. For those of you who did not serve in the Army see the Orderly Room definition. The short form definition is that it is the administrative office of the lowest morning report echelon (unit) of the US Army (normally). Don't you just love it.....

For this site the "Orderly Room" page serves as the "switch board" for what I consider the support pages for the web site. To fully use the site a few things have to be allowed or understood. They are:

Allow the use of Java Script. Not Java. Just Java Script. This is used mainly for picture pop-ups that you the visitor enable. There are not any pop-ups that happen without your action to request them.

The web-site's "Guest Book". Minor session "cookies" are used for this to function properly.

Photo Albums are deployed in thumb nail configuration on intergrated site pages. Java script is once again used to control some aspects of the albums.

A few items are flash generated and most of the site is php scripted and content drawn from a database-- just so you are aware if something does not appear to operate as you may have expected.

Duty Rosters consist of registered entries of input from past members of various units and also entries derived from individual memories.

Mini-Bio Pages and Memorial Pages will be put back up soon. There will, this time, be provision to provide data you wish to appear on the page.

The Supply page/s will eventually have items you may be interested in purchasing. The minor profit, if any, will help defray the costs of maintaining the web site.

And, the First Sergeant's page consists of info I find interesting or good for refreshing the knowledge base of what America has or has not been. An information bulletin board..

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