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Hello all visitors and especially past members of Bahrdorf DF Detachment:

This is one, of too many, DF Sites that I need information, stories, pictures and who was there when, content. All too many of these sites, and the guys - and in some cases - gals who manned them are slipping away from history, knowledge and awareness.

If you can contribute to the history and knowledge about this DF Site please do so via the contact email form as a start.

Tom Harris

Comment received August 2007
From: Jim Davis
Subject: Bahrdord - Charlie Site

I was fortunate enough to have served in Bahrdorf from Dec. 1960 to July 1962. Needless to say, it was a maturing experience in many ways. I stay in touch with several members of the Heidwinkel Survivors group and they hold a reunion once a year. There are a few names I could throw out to see if anyone remembers them and can let me know where they may be contacted.

I've talked with Jim Haapoja and George Griffith recently but would like to know the whereabouts of George Jamison, Richard Broussard, Kirk Malone, George Champoux and David Christianson. There was one DFer in Kassel that I really would like to find and that is SSGT Chuck Westfall. We spent many an interesting evening out on the town in Kassel for the 3 months I was there.

Were there ever any duty rosters made public for these sites? If so, those names should really jog some cobwebs loose!!
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Email received September 2010
From: Gerald J Geoffrion
Subject: Bahrdorf and Woebeck

I was assigned to A 319th USASA BN in early 65. In 66 when the 17th Field Station was activated it took over Wobeck and Bardoff (sp) was closed shorly afterwood. Wobeck was still active when i was with the 307th ASA Bn in 78-81.
Gerald J Geoffrion
CW2 Retired

Add your comments or memories:

Comment Title: Bahrdorf
Author Name: Ron Knief Date posted: 12 Sep 2011 11:18 -0700
Comment: We set out from Frankfurt in late 1959 to perform site maintenance at the Lübeck and Bahrdorf DF sites. Site maintenance consisted of aligning the R-390 radios and the DF equipment itself.

I looked forward to this trip into the "British Zone." The Bahrdorf DF site was near Helmstedt which was on one of the three major Allied corridors into Berlin.

It was a bit different and more remote from larger towns but we managed to visit Wolfsburg and toured the enormous Volkswagen factory. The tour group at the factory walked on a large catwalk high above the factory floor.

We spent a lot of our time waving to the girls below working on the assembly line.

I remember the site as being quite small and undeveloped as far as facilities were concerned (no mess hall, no army quarters etc.). Like many of the DF sites the men lived "on the economy." I always envied them, for this.

There was a small bar in down town Helmstedt where we drank every night and I enjoyed chatting up a British pilot who hung out there. He worked for the fledgling German Air Force and flew an old British Typhoon that towed aerial targets for the German tanks to shoot at! His major complaint was that they wouldn't stop shooting after he went past and as he went into the distance some of the shells were exploding under his plane! Perhaps it was force of habit from some years prior!
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Comment Title: Closing Bahrdorf
Author Name: Jim Croy Date posted: 01 Mar 2011 17:00 -0800

I got to Bahrdorf in late '65, on Marshall Miles trick. Ours was the trick that both Annie Heidwinkel her commendation for outstanding intelligence, when we sent some stuff down to the Rock under her callsign. In the summer of '66 Bahrdorf was abandoned in favor of Wobeck's better ears, and Mike "Tread" Taylor and I lowered the flag at Bahrdorf for the last time.

Lots of memories about Bahrdorf, Helmstedt, Heidwinkel and Wobeck. Who knows, some of them might be true. I came in contact with Don Bull last year, if you remember him. And Ron Mummert.
Jim Croy
Bahrdorf/Helmsted 65-66
Gartow 66-68.