In Memory Of:

Robert (Port) Davenport
James T. Davis
Douglas Elam
Larry Kudlac
Michael G. Mulich, 1938-2005

Bio Pages:

Brian Alpert
Rich Anderson
Mel Erman
Bob Giddens
Tom Harris
Merle Houdek
Millard (Mac) McKusick
Jim Moran
Ed Owens
John Rhuark

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Mini Bio & Memorial Pages

These pages are meant to be just small personal Home Pages, or, as the heading relates, memorial pages for our DF buddies who have passed on.

I do not have an automatic system installed, but do have a form for you to use to submit a couple of photos and for you to write your own bio comments. My turn around time to upload to the site will be about two days - one week. You can use the same form to submit suggestions for memorial pages for departed ASA DF types.

The form allows three file uploads. You can also send in multi parts if you run out of room on your Mini-Bio Section of the form. (Note: After pushing the Submit button the form will disappear after the submission is completed. To make another submission browse away from the page and return using the navigation menu.)

Finally, you must be in the site Duty Roster ((SIT, DF, or RFP MOS or served (any MOS) on an USASA / INSCOM Radio Direction Detachment. -- Except that this does not apply for anyone who served in ASA in Italy - (75th ASA and 600th ASA or other ASA units)). If you have not registered in the Duty Roster yet you may do so here.

Registration is suspended for now until I can recover the trashed (in 2012 & 2013 Data Base