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John Perkins' Det B, 600th ASA Company after it's move to San Vito Italy Air Force FLR-9 site in 1965

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Det B 600th USASA Company, Lecce, Italy

Convoy picture on the way to Lecce from VicenzaOn the road from Vicenza heading south to set up Det B, October 1961. Photo by Mac McKusick

The site was actually located on an old abandoned Italian air base near San Pancrazio which had also been used by one of our B-24 Bomb Groups of the US Army Air Forces during World War II, the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group

Rhuark's Lancia on stop over on the way to Lecce

First Days: John Rhuark's Lancia and detachment vehicles at an Italian Air Base stop on the way to Lecce. Click here for a photo album from Mac McKusick and Mel Erman.

Lifting huts in closing Lecce Italy Det BLast Days (From Brian Alpert via email March 2008): For some reason I have always thought that I had shipped my trustee Minox camera with most of my other goods to Italy as was required by Turkish law but the other day I noticed a Minox print of Rome in a bag of photos I had never seen before. I always thought my Minox did not catch up to me until I got to Ravenna since I never found any pictures from Brindisi. I unfortunately can not find any of the negatives but I do have pictures taken at the old TRD-4 site before we started working on the air base. I guess they were taken as the site was being taken down since one shot shows them getting ready with a crane to lift the hut onto a truck. I did not have the negatives unfortunately so these are scans from very small photos. They are mostly pix of getting ready to take the site down. In one picture you will notice a few beer cans. The locals were sad to see the site close and brought a lot of large jugs of wine which are not in the pictures. Click here for the Last Days album.

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Comment Title: visit
Author Name: Nelson Massingale Date posted: 29 Sep 2011 15:45 -0700 Comment: Had a visit with Gene Carver and his brother Cecile the past couple of days. Gene and I served in Lecce Italy Detachment Bravo with the 600th ASA company out of Vicenza. Cecile was ASA in Viet Nam 66/67. Great visit, told a bunch of lies about happy memories.