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Sinzig HFDF Detachment Germany

Sinzig Detachment by Dick Warwick

(~~This tale could be about any DF Det of the 50s, 60s, early 70s. ~~TomH)

There are times when everything just works out for the best and the ASA was certainly that way for me.

By the time graduation at Devens rolled around, I was scheduled to go to Thailand, which was supposed to be good duty. I never found out because on graduation day "stuff" happened and the entire class was block allocated to Germany. After a long boat ride I was at Herzo Base standing in front of the C.O., Capt Barr, going through the routine of having him review my personnel file while I stood shaking in my fairly new boots. He threw me for a bit of a loop when he said "I see you're from Rogers City Michigan – do you know a family named Haneckow"? I not only knew the family, I partied with the youngest girl before I left for Germany. Of course I failed to mention that when I found out her brother Duane was a Staff Sgt at Herzo. I have no idea if Duane had anything to do with this or not, but after 2 months on base, I found myself being transferred to a detachment in Sinzig. There were guys at Herzo who had been waiting for years to go to a detachment, so I'm sure I didn't make any friends. The rest of Dick's remembrance is here.